Tribal Historic Preservation Office

Resighini Rancheria

Tribal Historic Preservation Office

The Resighini Rancheria’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) was established in 2021. The THPO is responsible for preserving, protecting, and managing ceremonial, cultural and historic sites within Resighini Rancheria reservation boundaries and within the ancestral territory of the Yurok people.

The THPO works closely with the Tribal Council, Tribal staff, and Tribal Citizens, and collaborates with tribal, federal, state, and local agencies and private organizations to ensure indigenous knowledge, lifeways, and sacred places are safeguarded for future generations. 

THPO Initiatives:

  • Managing and protecting Tribal cultural resources
  • Responding to 106 Consultation requests
  • Monitoring ground disturbing activities in Ancestral Territory

    THPO Staff

    Kathy Dowd

    Tribal Historic Preservation Officer