Natural Resources

Resighini Rancheria

Natural Resources Department

The Natural Resources Department of the Resighini Rancheria undertakes a wide range of programs and initiatives to protect the cultural and natural resources of our Yurok Ancestral Territory. Through the integration of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and quantitative scientific methodologies, the Resighini Rancheria strives to improve the ecology of our homelands.

Currently the Natural Resources Department works in the following fields:

  • Managing Tribal Community Drinking Water System
  • Surface Water Monitoring of the Klamath River and local streams
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment and Management
  • Wetlands Monitoring and Conservation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Cultural Resource Protection
  • Natural Resource Monitoring and Management
  • Land Management (including Assignments)
  • Emergency Management
Within the Natural Resources Department, these fields are administered through the following Programs:
  • Water Resources
  • GAP (General Assistance Program)
  • Wetlands

Natural Resources Staff

Hans Voight

Director of Natural Resources

Frank Spa-ghe Dowd

Water Resources Manager

Laurie Harvey

Natural Resources Manager – Terrestrial

Tylor Jones

Natural Resources Coordinator

Michelle Kunst

Natural Resources Manager – Marine

Bradford Norman

Natural Resources Coordinator