Resighini Rancheria

Resighini Rancheria Fishing Rights

chinook salmonThe members of the Resighini Rancheria are of Yurok ancestry and have an unbroken tradition of fishing for salmon on the lower Klamath River for at least 10,000 years.  Despite this long term use, members of the Resighini Rancheria are currently not allowed to fish by the Yurok Tribe.  Our members have their nets and catch confiscated routinely whether we are fishing on or off our Reservation, which borders the Klamath at the top of the estuary just upstream of Highway 101. 

We chose to retain our federally recognized tribal status when the Yurok Tribe was formed, and the issue of our fishing rights is complicated by that factor.  The Resighini Rancheria Reservation is wholly within the boundaries of their more recently formed Reservation, which is how they claim jurisdiction. The Yurok Tribe invokes the Hoopa-Yurok Settlement Act as vesting them with authority over our fishing rights, but we find no language within the law that so states.  We will continue to work with the Yurok Tribe to correct this injustice and to restore our right to fish the waters that our ancestors have fished since time immemorial.

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