Enrollment & Elections


Enrollment & Elections Department

The Enrollment & Elections Department of the Resighini Rancheria is charged with maintaining an accurate roll of all Tribal Citizens. The Department issues and receives enrollment applications and works in coordination with the Enrollment Committee to come to a preliminary decision regarding an applicant’s eligibility for enrollment with the Tribe. 

Tribal Citizens

In addition, the Enrollment & Elections Department is responsible for ensuring that all elections are handled in a professional and confidential manner.

The Department does an annual audit of enrollment files to ensure that the Tribe always has the most complete and up-to-date information regarding all of its Citizens.



  • Enrollment Verification
  • Issuance of Tribal IDs
  • Issuance of Enrollment Applications
  • Name Change
  • Address Change
  • Voter Registration Form
  • DMV Exemption
  • Elections of Tribal Council, Committees,
    Commissions, and Corporate Boards
  • Contact the Tribe for Voter Registration Form