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The Resighini Rancheria offers the following benefits package to Full-time employees:

  • Paid Time Off: 26 days per year.
  • Insurance: Medical, VSP vision, Dental and Life Insurance 100% paid by employer.
  • Retirement: IRA with 3% match by employer.
  • Holidays: 10 ½ holidays are celebrated by Resighini Rancheria.
    • Two additional days on years where the White Deerskin Dance is held.
  • Personal Holiday: One per year.

Do you want to join the Resighini Rancheria team? Check the list of open vacancies or contact our HR director to get to know about open positions. We are always in search of highly trained people to join our team.

Send questions and applications to office@resighinirancheria.com

Employment Opportunities

Director of Human Services

Job Title: Director of Human Services
Department: Human Services
Reports to: Executive Director
FLSA Status: Exempt
Salary: GS 12/13 ($77,488-$119,787)

Open until filled, second review June 28, 2024







The Director of Human Services is responsible for the planning and delivery of programs and services that support the social, health and wellness, and educational needs of the Tribal citizens of the Resighini Rancheria. This position is within the Human Services Department and is supervised by the Executive Director. The Human Services Director will be responsible for the planning and creation of new programs and services, as well as the delivery and expansion of existing services. This position will supervise Department staff, which may include program managers, coordinators, and/or technician-level staff, as the department grows.

This multi-disciplinary position is responsible for ensuring successful implementation of all
social, health and wellness, and educational related programs and services of the Tribe. This
position is primarily grant funded and grant writing and management is a necessary function

Click here to download the full job description.

Wellness Technician

Job Title: Wellness Technician
Department: Administration
Reports to: Executive Director
FLSA Status: Non-exempt, Part-time Temporary (Seasonal)
Salary: GS 6/7 ($20.00-$27.30/hour) / 20 hours a week

Open until filled, first review April 26, 2024







The Wellness Technician will be responsible for planning and implementing wellness projects that benefit the health and wellness of the Resighini Rancheria tribal community. This may include planning and/or supporting workshops and events, maintaining, and providing other community outreach and engagement. This position will also be responsible for attending meetings, as well as completing other administrative duties related to grants secured. The Wellness Technician is in the Administration Division, and they are supervised by the Executive Director or designee.

Click here to download the Wellness Technician Job Description.

Indigenous Knowledge and Lifeways (IKL) Technician

Job Title: IKL Technician
Department: Administration
Reports to: IKL Manager
FLSA Status: Non-exempt, Full Time
Salary: GS 6/7 ($20.00-$27.30/hour)

Open until filled, first review April 26, 2024





The Indigenous Knowledge (IKL)Technician assists the IKL Manager and THPO to protect and preserve Tribal culture, history and language. The position requires a willingness to learn about cultural resource preservation and protection and acts as support staff to the IKL Program. The Technician may be involved in data entry, archival research, preservation and repatriation of ceremonial items, cultural education and outreach, Tribal Historic Preservation project support, and other relevant activities related to the perpetuation of Yurok culture.

Click here to download the IKL Technician Job Description.

Natural Resources Technician

Job Title: Natural Resources Technician
Department: Natural Resources
Reports to: Natural Resources Manager
FLSA Status: Non-exempt, seasonal
Salary:GS 6/7 ($20.00-$27.30/hour)

Open until filled, first review March 1, 2024







The Natural Resources Technician (Technician) works on a wide variety of environmental projects to support the Resighini Rancheria Department of Natural Resources. This position requires a willingness to learn and the ability to conduct technical, scientific, educational activities in both field and office settings, under the direction of the Natural Resources Manager, or designee. The Technician may be involved in projects that include Indigenous Knowledge and environmental data collection and monitoring activities related to subsistence, ceremonial and culturally important marine, fisheries, and wildlife species and habitats; human and environmental health work including water quality monitoring, solid waste management, cleanup and waste reduction; environmental education and outreach; and Tribal efforts to address the impacts from climate change on Tribal citizens and ancestral territory.

Click here to download the full job description.

Fiscal Director
Job Title: Director of Finance
Department: Administration
Reports to: Director of Operations
FLSA Status: Exempt
Salary: D.O.E





The Director of Finance is a highly responsible Director Level position within the structure of the Resighini Rancheria. The individual occupying this position is responsible for supervising, planning, organizing, directing, and carrying out all aspects of the financial accounting and reporting activities of the Resighini Rancheria Tribal Government on a daily basis.

The Director of Finance is directly responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of all financial tracking and reporting systems, financial forecasting and analysis, and financial reports assigned and maintained by the Financial Department of the Resighini Rancheria. The Director of Finance is in the Administration and is supervised by the Director of Operations.

Please review the full job description.


Request for Qualifications


Bid Release Date:      January 17, 2024

Bid Closing Date:      May 15, 2024

Bid Contact:              Michelle Kunst, Marine Natural Resources Manager

Resighini Rancheria

PO Box 529 – 177 Nepuey Road

Klamath, CA 95548


The Resighini Rancheria (“Tribe”) is seeking a qualified Contractor to perform data entry into an Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) Database. The Resighini Rancheria is a federally recognized Tribe of Yurok people, located on the far northern coast of California in Del Norte County, approximately forty (40) miles south of the Oregon border.

The Tribe has a database tool that was created to house Indigenous Knowledge for use by the Tribe and Tribal citizens in the preservation, continuance, and revitalization of Yurok cultural lifeways and environmental stewardship throughout ancestral territory. This database is designed to securely hold ethnographic, archival, and other materials that come directly from the community and/or have been repatriated back from outside institutions. It allows for the creation of derivative entries describing cultural practice, relationships between people, non-human beings, places, and bibliographic information. It is also designed to act as a repository for digital copies of primary source material and features some mapping capabilities. The intended outcomes of this work include helping preserve and restore traditional stewardship practices, set measurable benchmarks within the Tribe to better illustrate climate impacts, reinforce Tribal ownership and agency over these data, and support contemporary tribal efforts to transmit and steward traditional knowledge.

A Contractor is needed to assist with the analysis of ethnographic and archival materials and related data entry into the ITK Database. The database is hosted at the Tribal Office in Klamath, CA, thus the Contractor would need to work in person, although remote options may be considered.

Any inquiries regarding the Tribe or this invitation should be directed to:


DOWNLOAD RFP: Click here to view the full ITK Database Contractor RFQ

Resighini Rancheria

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